Youth Care Platform

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28 juni 2023
09:00 - 18:00
ntb, 1000 Brussel


28th of June 2023: Closing event of the Panda Project.  Find more on

29th of June 2023: ENSA Working Groups Youth, Child and Family and Youth Care Platform

  • Morning – ENSA Working Groups Youth, Child and Family and Social Emotional Learning &Wellbeing

This ENSA meeting will be organized in an interactive way focusing on exchanges and building plans for future collaboration. In smaller groups we will dive deeper in the topic of collaboration between services and civil society aiming at integrated care and support as important pillars for growth and development. Three topics will be tackled:

  1. Interprofessional / global collaboration as a mean of integrated care
  2. Informal support and social cohesion: meeting and engaging with other people is important, to connect with everyone and foremost with the most vulnerable. Centres for Parents and Children, Family Centres, childcare, (pre-primary) schools and youth centres can become places that invest in informal encounters. Places where social support among families and young people can grow, places that can build and strengthen social cohesion in the neighbourhood. But fostering and stimulating such links require real work. We want to exchange on the basis of good practices on how we can do this.
  3. Social and emotional learning and Well-being: Interactive workshop with the exchange of good practices, enforce capacity building and provide tools and training to professionals working in the field of the Child, Family, and at organisations for Social Affairs . Visit the site of the ΕNSEL NETWORK:
  • Afternoon – Youth Care Platform

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